About                                                                          Resume
    I was born and raised in Sterling Heights, MI. Attended St. Joan of Arc for elementary and De La Salle Colligate for high school. It was here where I was introduced to film photography and my love for cameras has become stronger every year since. I graduated Central Michigan University with a major in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts. I have a minor in Media Production, Design and Technology.
While at Central I had many opportunities to work with many different aspects of all media. First and fore most I have a love for sports and watching events on TV. I began working with Moore Hall TV Sports. I was able to gain a high understanding of what is required to put together a remote live to tape production. I have experience with all the aspects that are involved with putting on a quality sports program. I then tested my talents with News Central 34 which is one of the nations only one hour long, live, student produced news programs. Each student had the opportunity to produce two full episodes. I was also able to gain knowledge and experience with other studio positions including directing, floor directing, technical directing, audio, graphics, writing, reporting, editing, and of course camera.
 I created this digital portfolio to showcase my talents and give a perspective of my wide range of creativity. Though not all of my creations are on here, this site is in its infancy. I have been hard at work putting together this collection of material. Everything on this site was created between 2011-2012. If you like what you see on this site then give me a chance to add more to it.

2012 Michael Arondoski